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Global Diplomacy

To understand the world we need to understand the different cultural, political, and social contexts. Consent is an important part of that understanding. This is why we are part of the Consent Coalition.

Warm & Fuzzy

Consent (or the lack of it) affects all of us, across so many of our day to day interactions with other people and organisations. Warm & Fuzzy is delighted to provide design and branding support to help this important campaign promote dialogue, debate and discussion.


Philia initiated the Conversations on Consent Campaign as a way to start discussions that are not always easy but have to be had in our communities but also interpersonally. It is our mission to revolutionize human interaction. The Philia Method is a tool that helps people to learn how to have meaningful conversations and practise transformational listening skills. Really excited to work with an amazing team to see the Conversations on Consent changing lives.

Comprehensive Consent Statement

Conversations on Consent is a tool to help us all better understand what it means to practice consent. There is no single answer to reducing the unforgiving rates of sexual assault. It’s coming together as a community to listen and to share about the topic of consent that allows us to collaborate on solutions from multiple fronts. Conversations on Consent allows for the unique perspectives of educators, politicians, survivors, and others to be shared. With a deeper, more comprehensive, understanding of consent, we can create deeper, more sustainable, change.


Why do we need Conversations on Consent?
We need Conversations on Consent to help individuals and society reclaim their agency and make informed decisions.


Why are you part of the campaign? 
Conscious Creation Collective supports Conversations on Consent to create meaningful change. The campaign should reach people everywhere to ignite change. The podcast of the campaign is meant to become a reference point for anyone, who wants to dive deeper into aspects and issues around consent. High-level experts joined the Conversations on Consent, thanks to the great network of Philia that we are also proud to be part of. Content produced by Conscious Creation Collective focuses on sustainability, which can be found in all of nature including human minds and connections.


Istanbul&I believes that we need a revolution in the way we discuss consent. As a diverse, international youth community, we believe that consent should be involved in all human interactions. People of all genders deserve the right to feel safe in this world. That is why we are proudly involved in the Conversations on Consent campaign and are collaborating with the Philia Project and Yabangee and other stakeholders to help spark this consent revolution.


Consent concerns every individual and the unfortunate reality is it’s a conversation absent from many social circles and broader societal spheres. The campaign’s goal of ‘making consent mainstream’ is one we’re eager to throw our weight behind and in doing so, seize the opportunity of collaborating with wonderful organizations centered on this issue. As an organization based in Turkey, these past few years have shown a clear imperative and need for such dialogue. We look forward to opening new channels of discussion and emphasizing the importance of dramatic shifts in the way we perceive consent and the many fundamentally connected issues it touches upon.