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Let’s talk about Consent.

Consent is for everyone! We fundamentally believe that a new and better way of interaction is possible. Consent-seeking is a behaviour based on mutual respect. Once it becomes mainstream in all of our interactions, it will make our world a better place by supporting equality, preventing sexual violence and fostering empathy.

Why we need conversation on consent

Our mantra is: Let’s make consent mainstream. Let’s make consent mandatory. Consent-seeking allows for deeply intimate and trusting relationships and is a lot of fun.

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Featuring our Consent Experts

The ten-part Conversations on Consent Podcast – available on all online streaming platforms – features activists, experts, lawyers and sexual assault survivors discussing various aspects of consent seeking and making a difference in the world through their work around consent.

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Making consent mandatory by strengthening sexual criminal law will effectively tackle rape culture and establish everyone’s right to bodily integrity and autonomy. We drafted an innovative, comprehensive and advanced law on consent. It is a blueprint ready to be implemented. The solutions are there and we cannot wait any longer. Support consent right now and sign the petition.

Meet the Consent Crew

Tahiya Moosa

Advocacy Specialist

I work on the podcast, help with pre- and post- production and sometimes step in as a co-host on one of our podcast sessions. Further I am supporting our partnership management activities.
Tahiya Moosa
I joined the campaign because we need to talk about consent and continue to define and redefine it to educate ourselves and others.

Meet the Consent Crew


Liaison Officer

I am coordinating our guest and partner relations. Further, as a researcher, I collect information about consent. I’m also involved in creating the podcast and doing the post-production.
Hoang Tran C.
Incorporating consent into our everyday practice and legal systems is fundamental to stop gender-based violence, and to hold the penetrators accountable. Crucial as it is, not everyone is knowledgeable of this and practices consent. I joined the campaign in the hope of raising public awareness of consent.

Meet the Consent Crew


Executive Coordinator

I am in charge of putting the vision of the campaign into action. I bring together stakeholders from many different fields, such as activists, politicians, creatives, legal experts and academics, for a harmonised approach towards making consent mainstream.
I was inspired to start the Conversations on Consent campaign due to a difficult personal experience, together with co-founder Alexandra Born. When I first learned about the concept of coercive consent, it was a paradigm shift for me. It brought clarity to my own past and gave me strength. I wanted other people to experience this.

We are evolving as we share

Let us know about your comments and feedback on the information provided on our website. Is there anything to be added or adjusted? Simply contact us.

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