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Featuring Jonathan Herring (Oxford University)

Jonathan Herring, criminal lawyer at Oxford University, enters a legal and philosophical conversation on deception and how it relates to entitlement, seduction and bodily autonomy.

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"It is quite wrong for the courts or for anyone else to decide what kind of deception is considered trivial because it is an essential part of everyone’s sexual autonomy to be able to decide for themselves: “This is what’s important to me. These are the rules that I have about sex and other people should respect it.” It is such a personal and fundamental choice for each individual. "
Personal Dimension
"We should be looking at deception from the perspective of the person, who is going to have sex with the victim or the survivor. What did they think when they were having sex or touching their partner sexually. Because if they know their partner wouldn’t be consenting without a lie they are showing another lack of respect for autonomy for their partner."
Interpersonal Dimension
"A key message that needs to get across is that a sexual encounter that hasn’t been mutual, where one person has manipulated the other, actually isn’t a success for either party. It is about changing what makes a successful man and that idea of having hundreds of partners being a sign of an alpha male and being the top of the pile."
Societal Dimension

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