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Let’s make consent mainstream

In order to make Conversations on Consent mainstream we need to start discussing what consent means in different contexts.

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Why is understanding coercion vital towards understanding the meaning of consent? In what way can the Istanbul Convention help us to understand consent?



How does a global pandemic, national lockdowns and travel restrictions affect your choice to consent? How do we protect victims from severe incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic?



What role does consent play in protecting our personal data? What if the individual has no genuine choice and consent is not freely given control over how data is used?



How does manipulation, deception, omission or fraud lead to serious breaches of consent? Why is it still difficult for some to understand sexual assault by fraud or deception? How can we better understand what constitutes deception?

Cyber Flashing


What can you do about unsolicited photos of genitals? Why is sending unsolicited dickpics or pussy pics a violation of consent? In what ways do we need to deal with cyberflashing?



How can we educate ourselves and others on understanding consent? Is consent something that we should learn when we are young or only later on in life? What is the key to practising consent in our everyday life and relationships?



What role does shame play when it comes to nudity? How does the absence of consent cause the dissemination of nudes becoming an act of image-based sexual violence?



How can we practice and navigate consent in marriage and relationships? What makes relationships prone to non-cosensual behaviour and how can we seek justice and forgiveness if consent was absent?



As a bystander, how can I show solidarity? How can we get help and solidarity when there are breaches of consent?



Why is consent required before sexually intrusive photographs are taken? What are our rights? What can we do if upskirting happens?

Let’s all have Conversations on Consent

Consent is fun. The benefit of practising consent? Connection, real intimacy and deep bonds. As human beings, we are wired for connection. Conversations on Consent are not always easy, yet they are rewarding. We are all learning how to engage with curiosity and respect.

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Join us in making consent mainstream.

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